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Cash Flow is the Oxygen of any business. Without cash, the flame of your business dream will be extinguished fairly quickly. Negative cash flow is cited as one of the top five, it not the first reason businesses fails. Start-ups are particularly vulnerable. Business owners are often lulled into a false sense of security when they rely on profit reporting only, or in some instances, where cash is actually flowing into the business faster than it is flowing out. It may appear there is positive cash flow. This can be an illusion, resulting in poor decisions.

Catalyst Business Services will implement the necessary processes and procedures to ensure that you have the confidence to seize the opportunities that will make your business successful. Our cash flow management services will put you in an advantageous position allowing you to invest in new products and markets, service your debt, and fund your strategies. We will optimize your accounts receivable and accounts payable processes, as well as your inventory management. We utilize the best practices and proven methodologies that help our clients improve their cash flow. Timely reporting, budgeting, and scenario forecasting are important tools that we can provide that will assist you to get control over your cash.

Cash flow needs to analyzed and managed to ensure the long-term financial health of any business. If you would like to know more about our cash flow management solutions as well as our other services, please contact Catalyst Business Service and we'll be more than happy to talk cash with you!


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