Accounting Software Conversions and Application Implementation to Online/Cloud Based

Data conversions and software upgrades are often a necessary requirement of keeping pace with operating systems and application software changes. Catalyst Business Services can assist with all the necessary aspects of upgrading and converting your accounting data to accounting software platforms that we currently support, including several cloud-based solutions.

data clean up

Your data’s accuracy is paramount to ensuring that financial reporting can be relied on. Data can be unreliable for many reasons from the original initial chart of accounts set up to subsequent data entry errors or omissions. In some cases, data entry may not be up to date and some catch up is required. Regardless, of what condition your data is in, we can assist in untangling the problems and getting you back on track.


As a business owner, you may often feel that you are not receiving accurate information from your accounting system. A financial check-up is a great way to ensure that government remittances have been made and all reporting correctly reflects the health of your business. Check-ups can illuminate problems that may have developed over time that can result in serious impairment of your business. If you can’t get the information you need to make strategic business decisions, it may just be time for a check-up.

Systemizing Processes and Documentation

Systematizing and documenting processes and procedures allows a business the peace of mind to know that changes in staff will not result in changes to the quality of their financial information. Having the right systems and documentation in place ensures consistent results and reduces staff training.

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