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How to Get the Most Out of Your Bookkeeper

So, you've hired a bookkeeper for your small business. Now what?

You need to set the stage for a productive relationship! A bookkeeper is not an unknown, hidden figure crunching numbers in the background. They are a vital part of your small business's financial success.

Set tasks ... read more

What is a Financial Consultant and is it Worth the Investment?

How does a well-padded retirement fund sound to you?

Or what about a well-stocked college fund for your kids?

Or how about simply a lump sum of money for a rainy day?

If you manage your money right, there's no reason why you can't have these things. In fact, the earlier you start managing ... read more

3 Essential Cash Flow Management Tips for Your Business

In the business world, cash flow management is vital to reaching profitability.   Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs don't seem to be aware of this simple fact. They don't take any steps to manage their cash flow, which usually leaves them with an empty bank account. The good n ... read more

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